Wednesday, August 30, 2006

she's a maniac

"far and few between" by the 10,000 maniacs just came up on the itunes shuffle and i totally went bananas. as the first seconds of the horn intro played, i was like, hey, what's this? and then i remembered it was the 10,000 maniacs and i got a little embarassed. but they were one of my favorite bands in high school. anyway, i used to think natalie merchant was super cool despite that dumb affected accent of hers. what was i thinking? she's such a looney. i was watching an old episode of saturday night live where the maniacs were the musical guests and merchant's dancing was insanity. it was like watching a car wreck, but it had me in stitches. oh natalie.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Yeah is what we had...

And now it can be yours. Grandaddy is a band on the label I work at and they've stopped being a band. Jason Lytle (the main dude) gave us a bunch of his personal items to be used in contests and auctioned off. Well stupid eBay has some stupid rules about auctioning things off for charity. Basically you have to use this 3rd-party company that takes a 10% cut. Because the listing mentioned words like "proceeds" and "charity", it resulted in the auction being removed two times already and me banging my head against the computer continuously for the past 48 hours. Especially a bummer because less than 24 hours into the second attempt at the auction, before it was removed, the high bid was over $450. The current high bid is about $80. I guess they are trying to prevent fraud, but still it's super super super annoying.

It's finally up sans any mention of who the charities are. In case you are curious, The Emmett O'Loughlin Fund and the National Wildlife Federation are going to see 100% of the money raised. If they remove it again tonight for whatever reason, I'm going to eat my shoe.

Check out the lot for Auction #1 featuring a pair of Jason's sunglasses, one of his old trucker hats and my favorite, an embroidered kitty pillow. Auction #2 has some really fun stuff in it and we'll be launching that in the next week or so.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

don't want to waste more space

the new issue of venus is out now and i've got a piece on mates of state in it. the cover star is ms. neko case, whose new album listmaker just bought but i haven't had a chance to load up into the ipod and listen to yet. there's a little photo that i submitted for the contributer's section which reminds me too much of my yearbook photo from my senior year of high school, which basically means, i don't think it looks like me with the exception of having my moonish facial qualities accentuated.

the photo shoot for the story took place in this amazing brownstone in brooklyn heights that was in the beginning stages of renovation. it was on one of those great brooklyn streets that extends for just a single block, like the one around the corner from chris and mary's place. there were about 6 floors, including 2 sub-levels and overrall the building was in terrible shape. i'm sure by this time next year, all the cosmetic changes will somewhat bring justice to its two million dollar pricetag (that's just a guess). i'd love to see the end result.

wbc update: vernon wells just hit into a double play to end the game and end the us team's run. the ump that blew the call in the the us/japan game messed up another call in this one. luckily it didn't effect the outcome of the game.


Monday, February 27, 2006

so sick, so so sick

i have been sick for practically the entire month of february. yes, i'm usually sickly for the most part, but this is abnormal even for me. it's come in stages - sinus congestion, running nose, cough, sore throat, fever, cough, sinus pressure, stuffed up nose, cough. i've been to the doctor, taken antibiotics, gone through a half dozen boxes of over the country cold/sinus/flu medicine, used up every last tissue in the house, gargled with salt water, pumped saline solution up my nose, tried to flush out the badness with water and juice, attempted to sweat out the cold by sleeping under many blankets and now i'm drinking some nasty tasting chinese herbal tea that a co-worker gave me.

it reminds me of the stuff my parents used to make me drink when i was younger, but it's nowhere near as potent or disgusting. the chinese herbal tea of my youth came in little pouches that my father would pick up on his way back from work and my mother would have to brew. she would squeeze all the roots and twigs and herbs and god knows what else through cheesecloth with all her force. don't be tricked by linda's small stature - that woman is strong and could still beat me up one handed with ease. i used to have to drink the tea in the mornings, before i boarded the bus to go to school. to offset the terrible taste, i would get a glico caramel which to this day remains one of my favorite candies. the fact that they came in a box with a toy didn't exactly hurt. it was a lot worse than that vanilla flavored powdered calcium drink my parents used to make my drink as well.

this tea is not my last resort however. i just ordered a blt and cheese fries for lunch from sparky's all-american food. if bacon doesn't work, i don't know what else will.

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Monday, December 19, 2005

everybody's doin' it

my favorite records of the year. in no particular order, except maybe alphabetical if i did it right.

black mountain - s/t (jagjaguwar)
cass mccombs - prefection (monitor)
crooked fingers - dignity & shame (merge)
dungen - ta det lungt (subliminal sounds)
the go! team - thunder, lighning, strike (columbia)
king khan and bbq show - s/t (goner)
the national - alligator (beggars banquet)
the new pornographers - twin cinema (matador)
sparrow - the early years (aboslutely kosher)
sufjan stevens - illinois (asthmatic kitty)

honorable mention: the double - loose in the air (matador), deerhoof - the runners four (kill rock stars), animal collective - feels (fat cat), m.i.a. - arular (xl recordings), calexico/iron & wine - in the reins (overcoat), low - the great destroyer (sub pop)

up next: might include: live shows, singles, foods, tv shows, etc...


Friday, November 18, 2005

can't get you out of my head

these songs have become squatters in my head. i will use all my concentration to focus on these and not the salsa bass throbbing from the floor below.

• irma thomas - "two winters long"
• the new pornographers - "ballad of a comeback kid"
• sparrow - "this is how it's done"

and while we are talking about songs, DF has a new radio show on WRFU, 104.5 FM in Urbana. that's a town somewhere in the middle. we tuned in to hear the refrain of "ARE YOU FREEEEEDOM MAN?" off "drugunaut" by one of listmaker and i's favorite new bands, black mountain. jagjaguwar continues to release quality stuff.

so for the last two and a half years i've was drowning in music and as mentioned before, i can't swim. i'm hoping this job change will make me remember that i really love music.

off to nap or watch degrassi on the DVR.


Sunday, June 26, 2005

listening too long to one song (luxe and reduxe)

the weekend, in alphabetical order.
alcohol - have i not learned from my past mistakes that i should not mix?
beer - i had many of these.
canadians - 200,000 living in new york!
dumb dodohead - see A
electric version - the best album of the oughts.
fuck - as in "fuck, i have a hangover and it's only 7pm." or "fuck, i just threw up in front of our door, dan." or even "fuck braden looper."
giant robot new york - sorry to have missed the grand opening on saturday but canadians were calling.
hoboken - maxwell's is such a great place to see a show. getting home to brooklyn though is not much fun.
it's only divine right - this was the brooklyn set opener, only i missed it cause i had to pee and i refused to revisit the portopotty. christy and i went to jim and mary's apartment to do our business 1) in a smell-free environment 2) where it was lit 3) where there was toilet paper. call me a city mouse!
jalapeno - thinking it was a piece of bell pepper, i popped one into my mouth and suffered for the next 15 minutes.
kir royale - the beginning of my demise
long lost niece - np's kathryn was a fantastic vocal fill-in for neko
mets - the metsies take two out of three from the stankees. a sweep would have been divine, but 2 out of 3 ain't bad!

oh canada - we stand on guard for thee. thank you for the good music our dear neighbors of the north
pimms cup - continuing my demise, i mean my slow descent
queen - canada is a consitutional monarchy.
rush - no, not those canadians but as in bum rush the stage. who would have thought?
sing me spanish techno - my favorite song off the upcoming new pornographers record, twin cinema
tb - you were a jerk 10 years ago and you're still a jerk!
use it - track 3 off twin cinema!
vomit - don't worry i cleaned it up
water - snapple bottled water ain't half bad.
x-plosion - as in jon spencer who performed with the opening band the sadies
yo la tengo's james mcnew was in the house! sweet!
zumpano - is carl newman's old band. they put out two records on subpop. you should hear them.


Friday, June 03, 2005

listening too long to one song

in case you needed any more reason to love the new pornographers, the video for "your daddy don't know," a cover song that appears on the soundtrack to the canadian movie, Fubar.


Thursday, January 13, 2005

ouch, quit it.

a couple months ago i interviewed andrew kenny of the american analog set for ouch! it's live now and you can read it here.

additionally, tylenol has made a split cd with amanset and white magic that is available as an insert in finer magazines or as not an insert at finer record stores.


Tuesday, December 14, 2004

makes you wanna blow the stars from the sky

i am suffering from post-pixies depression today. all i want to do is see the pixies perform live every night for the rest of my life. how can a band take a break like that and still sound perfect? i can't write anymore; it's too hard.


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

so drunk in the august sun

l.a.'s desert origins hits stores in a couple weeks. can you believe it's been over 10 years, practically 11 since crooked rain was released? there are so many vivid memories i can associate with this album but these always pop up:
mr. seely's oceanography class.
wondering what barbercide might taste like.
waiting for high school to finally be over.
smoking joints in your freshman dormroom bathroom with the shower running so you think your roommate won't notice.
the roseland ballroom and wondering just who exactly the crazy british dude singing about robot boys is.


Monday, September 13, 2004

drinking your expensive drinks

what a fantastically schizo bundle of joy superchunk's "precision auto" is! this summer i heard it two times and each time, it gave me tingles up and down my arm. dj donovan spun it at our wedding and it sent summer dan, along with everyone else into an arms flailing, legs kicking tizzy. then the other night at commonwealth, someone played it on the juke and hearing it again got me all happy. the nostalgic wave was probably exacerbated by the delicious ginger kamikazee i was drinking. post your favorite superchunk moment/memory as a comment. mine is probably their show from the simple machines goodbye kick the bucket party at the black cat in DC about 6 years ago. good times.