Friday, April 25, 2008

ms pac-man

I've been obsessed with the arcade version of Ms. Pac-Man for most of my life. Many after-school afternoons since the age of maybe 8 were spent at the 7-11 or the lobby of a nearby mini-mall plugging quarters into these machines. I also enjoyed the table-top version that you'd occasionally see at a bowling alley, bar (like Lakeside Lounge, but I haven't been there in years) or bowling alley bar. The bar where I play bocce recently added a Ms. Pac-Man much to my delight. This particular machine is rickety, the joystick is loose and the speeds are off. Still, a visit hasn't passed where I haven't fed the machine. Often, I opt for two player mode with Senor Plus Minuses. I'd say our skill level is fairly even, though he's gotten the higher score most of the time during our head to head matches. We've both been gunning for the high score and have had some near misses. It's not even that great a high score, but it's been untouched for a number of weeks. Last night I made the prediction that one of us had the high score in us and what do you know, I cracked it! Just barely, but it's still the new high score. I hope it lasts for a couple weeks!

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


my bocce team, if you want my bocce participated in the floyd summer 2006 tournament over the weekend. our first game was scheduled for 12:45. the opponent didn't show up. so we made it to the next round, where our opponent once again was a no show. without rolling an official frame, we made it to the semi-finals, where we would be pitted against either the cobra kai or our arch-rivals, the coffee flats terrors. i wonder if they consider us their arch-rivals. i say they are our arch-rivals since 3 of my teammates used to be on the terrors in their championship season until they were unceremoniously dumped because the team was deemed to be too large. the dividing line? whether or not you had purchased a t-shirt. the kicker: the terrors wound up adding two players to their team the following season!

the terrors took care of the kai handily, setting up the match we had all been waiting for. finally after like 7 hours of waiting we were about to get in an actual game! despite errant rolling by yours truly, if you want my bocce took the terrors down in a snappy two games. my teammates were stone cold, rolling like true warriors. i seriously don't know what was wrong with me - my shots went completely diagonal instead of straight. it was really the worst i ever played, but the rest of the team picked me up.

on to the finals! this is what happened:

we forgot to show up. we forgot there was a game. it was ugly.

but we did finally win best team name and then we went to grimaldi's for dinner. so it wasn't all that bad. ok, it was! i wanted to win! but sometimes it just isn't in the bocce balls. is it better to lose like we did, where it wasn't even close, or is it better to stretch it out to 3 games and be very close to winning? i'm not sure.


Monday, July 10, 2006

you suck

You're sitting on some rooftop in LA and there's a superstar (well some might call him a superstar) sitting next to you, a vision in beige and neutral tones totally air-bassing. It's embarassing. But what makes it more embarassing is that you look at his feet and he has crocs on!!!!

Today I made the mistake of saying yes, when the coffee maker, I mean barista or barrister, whatever they like to call themselves asked me if I wanted room for milk in my iced coffee. When she handed me the plastic cup, there was a good inch between coffee and the lid. Exactly how much milk does she think I'm going to use? I asked her top it off. Twice. I would have asked her a third time, but I was growing weary. After I put my milk in, I still had plenty of dead space. So annoyed.

Are you the stupidest human being alive? I think you are. You totally blew it, you dumbass. Imagine what people who were rooting for France must think!

This has been a bad week for my stomach.

Man, did I stink it up. Honestly, my head wasn't in the game and I know I was totally distracted by the Home Run Derby, which I normally do not care an ounce about, but David Wright hit like 16 in the first round and then I got all into it. Sorry team.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

dixie toot makes her bocce debut

i'm normally not one to talk in the third person or engage in rickey-speak, so you'll have to excuse the title of this post. this saturday i was finally healthy enough to make my if you want my bocce debut. we beat the preps, team odin two games to none. in game 2, we nearly blew a 6-0 point advantage but were able to get down to the nitty gritty and pull through. i thought i rolled pretty well, though i was short on a couple balls. i'll definitely need to get in a practice this week for our big rematch against the coffee flats terrors. of course i would like us to beat them, but as long as we all roll well and smart, i'll be happy.

remind me not to wear dark pants floyd ever again. it doesn't mix well with the red clay court.


Monday, February 20, 2006

one day i'll show up at a bocce match

this past weekend, while my teammates were having a rough time, i was playing skee-ball and air hockey at kid's kingdom in edgewater, nj.

the birthday girl is already developing a wide range of faces to make an aunt proud

the peapod (aka the little buddha) goes for a spin with grandma

lane violations are called

someone ate 2 slices!