Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sunday Paper

My guess for the headline of tomorrow's back page of the Post or News:



Wednesday, January 10, 2007

how many other ballplayers without an a,e,i,o or u in their last name are in the hall of fame?

congrats tony!

i'll honor him by doing my world famous TG impersonation all year long for anyone who asks.

i suppose congrats are in order for that douchebag cal ripken, too. whatever. go build another stadium and name it after yourself. i never liked that guy.

and to the two writers who voted for Bobby Bo, we salute you!


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

on to game seven



i say the third baseman for the mets = rory gilmore's father (aka christopher).

but the CLC thinks the third baseman for the mets = david silver

please chime in with your vote in the comments section.



(p.s. click the shoes)


separated at birth?

chad bradford vs. leo d.

this one comes from the CLC. i drew a moustache on chad because that's what he's sporting for the playoffs.

yadier molina totally gets his eyebrows waxed. excuse me but i have to go pace now.

top of the 7th, 1-1 count to molina, runner on first, no outs.


end of four

you know, had he gotten a hit or driven in a run, i was ready to concede to the CLC and agree that yes, Jose Valentin is an incredibly handsome man.


same, same

ok, i'm kind of sucking at this live blogging thing.

a few months ago, i noticed jose reyes' necklace. during the celebration after clinching the division, reyes was dancing and his necklace snapped! i was so worried he would lose it, but thankfully, he was able to get it fixed and he's wearing it today as he always does.

the other week, during some SNY interview, i noticed that david wright has the same necklace! i'm sure jose gave it to david. and then they danced.

i hope he remembers to kiss it for good luck. he sure needs it!

end of the third, still 1-0 mets, but maine is giving me agita.


if you google image jose reyes dancing...

you get nothing relating to our leadoff hitter! i'm really going to have to change that.

off to a good start, but i'd really like about 8 more runs.


live blogging not from shea stadium

i'm at home with a stupid cold, rather than at shea stadium tonight. and since i'm too nervous to actually be sitting in front of the tv for the entirety of the game, i've decided to live blog or what have you.

first question, is shawn green wearing cinder blocks for shoes?
first statement, i really hate the cardinals.
hey is that NY on the pitcher's mound new?

great, second and third with one out for the cardinals. maybe i should go take a walk around the block.


Monday, October 16, 2006


i'm kind of glad tonight's game got rained out. the weekend has caught up to me and now i've come down with something. had to come home early from work as my throat is really raw and i'm exhausted. i know the mets wanted to come out with, to quote beth, "the big mo" on their side, but i think the extra rest will be especially beneficial for glavine. and as a good sign, dmr is watching the odd couple right now, and the mets turned a triple play. let's go mets!

time to make some tea.


Friday, September 08, 2006

jose, jose, jose, jose

yup, my vote for NL mvp. if ichiro can win it, why not our little guy?

when he doesn't get on base, the mets don't win. i'd rather see a jose triple than a homerun any day. someone give me a ballot!!!


Friday, June 16, 2006

I've Got the Fever!

On June 14 of various years past I've just learned, the Mets made possibly their worst trade ever but also one of their best. In 1977 they traded away Tom Seaver, aka The Franchise (didja think I was going to mention the Kazmir for Zambrano deal? let's not even talk about that). In 1983 they traded for my favorite Met of all time (for the time being), Keith "The Mex" Hernandez, which really kicked off my love affair for this team.

It's with a lot of nervous energy that I'm beginning to get really excited about this team. I mean of Mets teams past, the 1999 crew was super special, but this group of Jose Reyes, David Wright, Pedro Martinez, Julio Franco, Xavier Nady and Duaner Sanchez is way more lovable than Rey Ordonez, Al Leiter, Todd Pratt, Daryl Hamilton and John Franco. The only toss-up is between Wright and Robin Ventura who roamed the hot corner for the Mets that season. Ventura in his short tenure as a Met quickly established himself as one of my favorite players ever with his on-and-off field shenanigans and commentary. Still, as I was checking the updates on Game Cast during the ninth inning of yesterday's game, my stomach was in knots. It's a game on June 15 for crissake's and I had to walk away from my computer. But that's all part of being a Met fan. Nothing good comes easy or often and so that's when something good happens, it's all the more sweeter.

p.s. I have World Cup Fever too, but if Korea can make it to the second round, then I'll bust out my Be The Reds shirt.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Now They'll Sleep

The Mets game just ended. And they won. And the Phillies lost. And now I can finally go to sleep.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Aren't you going to grow up to be so pretty?

Pedro's garden

Tonight begins a 3 game series against the surging second place Phillies. I know the Mets have a 4 game cushion, but THEY BETTER WIN TWO OUT OF THREE at least. Or else, I'll have to throw myself under a train or something dramatical like that so I don't have to hear Hot Tub's jawing.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

(w)here is the love for hee seop choi?


on to round 3!


Monday, March 13, 2006


• following a second trip to the doctor's office, i'm finally on the mend. some new antibiotics, a prescription decongestant and another nasal spray is proving to be the winning concoction. throw in a couple packs of emergen-c and tons of college basketball games and it all adds up to feeling the best i've felt in over five weeks. i've been dry for some time too, although the other night i did have a couple glasses of wine at listmaker's school's auction.

• still not back to full strength is my appetite. it's kind of shocking since i manage to overeat any time i have a meal. i hope i'm back to form next week for the slice/gothamist pizza party at fornino. i want to eat and drink my $26.06 worth.

• yesterday i remembered another dream i regularly have. i'm back at college. i completely lose track of my schedule and forget to attend class for an entire semester and usually wake up all stressed and anxious. occassionaly when i wake up, i can't remember if i really graduated or not. the dream is rather ironic since i puroposely missed a lot of classes during my years of higher education.

• this past week's episode of the OC was the final straw. i'm so done with that show. i don't care if summer and adam brody get into brown together. i just don't!

• korea team fighting! it's korea vs. the us tonight in the second round of the wbc. let's hope there's not another blown call that goes against the asians. seung yeop lee has just been amazing. he played on bobby valentine's japan league champs the chiba lotte marines last season and just signed with the giants. it'll be interesting to see if his performance stirs up interest among mlb teams.


Monday, September 19, 2005

Donn Clendenon, RIP

The MVP of the 1969 World Series has passed away at age 70.


Sunday, August 14, 2005

the mets kill me every time + what i have been eating lately in brooklyn and beyond: park slope gastronome #11 (this might be long)

just finished watching the mets game. my heart was beating nearly as fast as when i run down the block in attempts to catch the B63 bus that is only one light away. petey took a no-no into the 8th inning. but then gave up a one-out triple to some schmo, that really looked catchable (get well soon, carlos) and then another schmo, jason werth, hit a homer to give the dodgers a 2-1 lead. the mets had a runner on 3rd with one out, only the runner broke with the hit, which was a little nubber to the second baseman and of course he was thrown out at the plate since he barely used any forced in colliding with him. as dan asked a little while ago, "what happened to running into the catcher?" i want to see body slams and biting. matsui (the sucky one) came up with a runner on 1st and 2 outs and i don't even know why the game bothered to go on and why he bothered to get into the box cause you knew the game was over. now i'm depressed.

dan just put on the jamie lidell cd. i wasn't really liking the first five songs, but song six just came on and like the kids used to say, it's got a good beat . it sounded like if sam cooke made a dance record. so in just four more days, we embark on the baseball trip 2005 and i figure there will be lots to write about eating wise. but considering i haven't written about food in a while, i thought this list of recent eatings would have to do, otherwise, timeline wise, things would just get too screwed up.

• so husband and i celebrated our one year of matrimony with a dinner at stone park cafe which is the new fancy place at the corner of our block. we'vee had brunch plenty o' times, but dinner is pricier so we never took the plunge until the other week. it was freezing cold in the restaurant and i should have brought my hoodie.

we shared blue crab ravioli with pea puree and a baked goat cheese and arugula salad to begin. listmaker dan informed me that an artichoke was "like a mushroom" and i wasn't sure if i want to cry or scream more. i was tempted by the sea bass special that was topped by a razor clam, but instead opted for the BEEF which i ordered medium but received pretty damn rare. i should have returned it, but for some reason became shy and just ate my bloddy meat. the whipped potatoes were smooth and creamy but where was the watercress? dan got fish with a tasty bacon, fava bean and corn succotash and parmesan hush puppies. the meal was tasty but a bit of a let down considering how we had saved it for a special occasion.

• in wiscasset maine, we ate lobster rolls at red's. they were overflowing with a pound of meat as you can tell from the picture. i really could have eaten another one right there on the spot.

• i'd be remiss if i didn't mention a recent newcomer to the neighborhood, sakura cafe. or is it cafe sakura? my experience with them started off with ordering their chicken curry to go while dan was out of town. i loved the little plastic container of oshinko it came with. once i got a bonus piece of kimchi to go along with the pickled cucumbers, radishes, ginger and eggplant. recently we dined al fresco in their charming backyard and enjoyed some of the best sushi we've tasted in brooklyn. the service is super nice and the place is decorated in warm japanese fashion. i hope they make it through the tough first couple years of running a restaurant.

• another newcomer is tempo presto! i think i've gotten takeaway from there 3 times this week. it's a offshoot of its mother restaurant next door, called tempo. they serve sandwiches and gelato. they also make these amazing homemade sandwich cookies which are lightyears better than any nutter butter or oreo you've ever had. so far i've tried the buffalo chicken with bleu cheese, the porchetta, the grilled chicken with basil dressing and the thanksgiving (well, for the latter, i i had a couple bites of dan's). today i had the broccoli rabe with pequillo peppers, mozz, shaved pecorino and a lemon garlic spread. for lunch they offer a box special, where you can get one of these aforementioned cookies and a side for another $3. today i chose the chipotle-bacon potato salad. the potatos are perfectly cooked red bliss slices, boiled long enough that they're not crunch, but firm enough that they don't lose their shape. the chipotle adds a nice fiery touch, as do the crunchy scallion rings. the place is around the corner from adam so i asked if he had been there and he said he hadn't because when they were doing construction on it, he saw some uninvited guests! just get over it and give it a chance!

lastly, look for my sufjan piece in the latest issue of bust. as someone who suffered through too many years of vacation bible camp (where i learned to love chipped beef incidentally) and sunday school, i wanted to discuss religion with him but he succintly replied with an i'd rather not. oh well.


Thursday, August 04, 2005

roberto hernandez is old

and it's starting to show

wow, this team is pretty pathetic.


Monday, April 04, 2005

don't go breaking my heart

Don't go breaking my heart
I couldn't if I tried
Ah, honey, if I get restless
Baby, you're not that kind

Don't go breaking my heart
You take the weight off of me
Ah, honey, when you knock on my door
Ooh, I gave you my key

Ooh-hoo, and nobody knows it
When I was down
I was your clown
Ooh-hoo, and nobody knows it
Right from the start
I gave you my heart
Ooh-hoo.. I gave you my heart

So don't go breaking my heart
I won't go breaking your heart
Don't go breaking my heart

And nobody told us
`Cause nobody showed us
And now it's up to us, babe
Ooh I think we can make it

So don't misunderstand me
You put the light in my life
Oh, you put the sparks to the flame
I've got your heart in my sights

Ooh-hoo, and nobody knows it
When I was down
I was your clown
Ooh-hoo, and nobody knows it
Right from the start
I gave you my heart
Ooh-hoo.. I gave you my heart

Don't go breaking my heart
I won't go breaking your heart
Don't go breaking my heart

Ooh-hoo, and nobody knows it
When I was down
I was your clown
Right from the start
I gave you my heart
Ooh-hoo.. I gave you my heart

Don't go breaking my heart
I won't go breaking your heart
(Don't go breakin' my, don't go breakin' my)
Don't go breaking my heart


Thursday, November 04, 2004

yah'gu 2004

i am married to a man possessed. from the end of march to the end of october, he is consumed by the sport of baseball. now don't get me wrong, i love baseball too, but i love the mets first and baseball second. dan loves baseball first and me second. ha ha. his favorite time of the year is when the playoffs begin, a period when he can see up to 4 games in a day. that is when i become a playoffs widow. it's a very lonesome time. i'm often relegated to the bedroom if i want to watch television. he gets the 40" bonanza, and i get the 10" black and white zenith with rabbit ears.

every year he does an end of season recap on baseball games he attended (along with seperate write-ups on the movies he watched and the music he listened to) because he is a sick, sick man. his baseball write-up is formattied a little differently this year; he's posting games on a daily basis, rather than giving us the entire recap at once.

so don't make a grown-man cry. go read his write-ups. check every day for updates. he works so hard on them.


Thursday, October 28, 2004

then and now

faces of the red sox nation

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nineteen-eighteen! nineteen-eighteen!

i guess it was a bit anti-climactic, after the marathon division series and alcs, but who cares? the red sox are world series champions. believe it.

manny ramirez's double finger points while being awarded the mvp throphy
pedro carrying around the trophy in a daze
curtis leskanic making "snow" angels in the infield
mike timlin carrying dave roberts on his shoulders
francona crying during a post-game interview
derek lowe giving pedro a noogie

all the lowlights come courtesy of fox. their coverage was unbelieveable sucky. my two favorite:
cutting to jimmy fallon and drew barrymore kissing during the on-field celebration. boooo!
showing the same dumb fan in the black sweater sitting behind the cardinals dugout.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

just one of those days

on this date 18 years ago, jesse orosco threw his glove high up in the air after striking out marty barrett for the last out of game seven in the 1986 world series. the mets were winners and the boston red sox went home incredulous losers. ten year old hong made a lot of whooping noises in her room, where she was watching the game on a tiny portable television, and got yelled at by dad who told her it was past her bedtime.

two decades later, i still love the mets, but tonight i'm going to be rooting for the sox nearly as hard as i'd be if it were the mets in the series. i am a sucker for feel-good stories and this one is the feel-goodest of all. it's a chance for the team to complete the greatest post-season comeback ever.

i want to see 90 year old grandmothers who still score games with shaky handwriting getting embraced by middle aged men with pot bellies and firemen moustaches. i want to see grown men openly weeping in their wives' arms. I want to see men who make $15 million a season be reduced to children, uncontrollaby sobbing with joy. i want to see pedro do another champagne dance, only this time with nelson de la rossa tucked under his pitching arm. i want to see papi lead a victory run around the field. i want to see mark bellhorn, well just because he's kind of cute. ugh, did i just say that? don't you think he looks like rufus wainwright's bad seed brother?

by the way, there's going to be a lunar eclipse tonight.

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Friday, October 22, 2004

there's no crying in baseball, redux

i found this thread on the son of sam website via daniel habib's column today. and now i'm all teary-eyed.

p.s. this was previously covered on listmaker


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

they did it, they did it!

as much as i hoped for a game seven, i'll admit, i didn't expect it to really happen. the way the red sox have played the last three games has been truly inspirational for anyone who hates the yankees and roots for the underdog. all those little intangibles that always seem to fall in the yankees' favor went the red sox's way! since the mets pretty much blew donkeys for most of the season, this may have been the most fun i had watching any baseball game this year. how could even the most diehard of a yankee fan justify arod's terrible act of unsportsmanship?

could this really be the year the curse is lifted?

of course they need to win tonight to finish the greatest series comeback in baseball history. i'll have my fingers and a couple toes crossed.

if the red sox do win tonight and the astros pull it off as well, it'd be massachusetts vs. texas! sound familiar?


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

please, oh please

please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please.
if the red sox can only force a game seven! had the mets forced a game seven against the braves in 1999, i don't think there would have been a way for them to lose it. unfortunately they lost game six. stupid ass kenny rogers.
let's go red sox!


Monday, September 27, 2004

crud no, i wanna play ball

is it too late to add this to the wedding registery?
and while you're at it, pick up one of these for anne.