Tuesday, April 11, 2006

this is going to be the end of me

there's a bakery around the corner from my new work which is known for its hot chocolate and pretzel/croissant hybrid. i used to gorge on this bakery's bounty regularly about 5 years ago as an ex-boyfriend designed some shirts for them and was given a huge credit as part of his payment.

during breakfast hours i've just learned, they sell niman ranch bacon by the slice. fifty cents a piece. i hadn't noticed this the past couple times i've been since i veer to the left when i enter and the bacon is available on the right. today i veered right. i'm so in trouble.


Thursday, June 16, 2005

you're bacon me crazy!

I received my latest bacon of the month club shipment today and it contained 4 packages of bacon! I know they do not ship in the summer, but this really might be too much at once! And it also means I won't get fun packages again until October! To make things worse, our fridge is on the fritz so I had to store the bacon in the freezer portion. We haven't had ice cubs in a couple days but I hope it'll keep things cool. My box of bacon included:

• Nodine's Bayou Brand Bacon from Torrington, CT (June 2005)

• Hempler's Peppered Bacon from Bellingham, WA (July 2005)

• Carlton Farms Dry Cured Bacon from the Oregon Coast (August 2005)

• Kolozsvari Smoked Bacon from Vernon Hills, IL (September 2005)

I'm most looking forward to the Peppered Bacon - the slabs are like a 1/4" thick! The Bayou Brand looks intriguing, but I've not known Conneticut to be bayou country.

So who's grilling? I am only going to eat wrapped in bacon foodstuffs for the rest of the summer. Scallops, pineapple, oysters? What else would be good with smoked pork lovin'?


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

bacon babies

Ok, I'm going to try something new today and type using proper capitalization. This is per Stone Groove, who pronounced his distaste for my distaste of the shift key when we were last in lovely Silver Spring. Anyway, shit, I just got my new shipment of bacon today from Dulin and Son. It's hickory smoked and looks delicious, but shock of all shocks, the previous month's shipment remains untouched in our refridgerator! I can't believe I've fallen behind. The only remedy is for someone to have a party so I can make my now famous bacon dip and use up some slices.

Also, if anyone from the Grateful Palate is reading this, I would like to nominate myself as Ms. Bacon of the Month Club. I think I have single-handedly increased your subscriptions ten-fold through positive word of mouth and Bibimbop postings. For my services I only ask that I receive a lifetime membership to the Bacon of the Month Club and a sash. I promise to fulfill my duties to the best of my abilities, to never debase smoke meats, and really make you ever so proud. I have lots of ideas but can only share if named MSOTMC.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Bacon Shipment #2

co-worker blake just handed me a box with bacon of the month club shipment #2. what could it be? it's Father's Hickory Smoked Cinnamon-Sugar Country Bacon! listmaker is going to be a happy listmaker. a picture of Father is on the bacon packaging.


Sunday, January 23, 2005

bacon update #1

we just had some of bacon shipment #1 for brunch today and it was ever so delicious! i like to cook bacon in the toaster oven using the broil function. it gives the bacon crisp edges and renders out a lot of the excess fat, but helps maintain tenderness. at first i was a little intimidated by the peppery aroma when i first opened up the package, but it mellowed out in the cooking.